Photovoltaic system installation

I’ve been planning for the addition of a photovoltaic array to our house and been doing some research on this. I got couple of quotes; plus minus few percent, following is what some of the local companies near 94086 proposed:
3kW system $19k out of pocket after $7.5k in CA $2k in Federal rebates.
This should completely eliminate electric bills per our usage patterns. We felt this to be the right thing to do for following reasons:
– Environmentally it’s better to use only solar energy (although I’m still researching how much waste is created to produce those photovoltaic cells 🙂 )
– Increase in house resale value
– Stable %5 equivalent return on investment when taking into account the reduced energy bill; percentage goes up as utility costs increase (inflation or otherwise)
The installation takes between 2 to 3 months, permits and all that work will be taken care of by the contractor.
We’re about to choose one of them and get this work started.

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