Rafting at the Middlefork River

It’s been some 3 years since we went to rafting last time. The window in a year that we can do it is really slim, only two weekends in June. After late June rivers dry up; before June it’s too cold and wetsuits are required. Biggest challenge for us was to find a home care for our daughter between 5am and 9pm :).

Anyway we found someone to take care of Ece and planned away. 6 of us went to Middlefork river, some 1hr from Sacramento. We went with a company named All Outdoors (aorafting.com) and satisfied with their guides, equipment and overall experience.

It was great. Here, some pictures I took during the trip..

We started here, at the dam on Middlefork…

…passed through a man-made tunnel right after a class IV rapid..

Middlefork has some smooth sailing too.. Just relax and enjoy the view..

Late afternoon, it got too hot that we found ourselves swimming in freezing water.. Refreshing / yet can’t stand too long!

There is 30-min van ride before and after the trip; we drove back home for about 3 hours.. Can’t wait to do it again next year.

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