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Lego Dock for Samsung Focus

Couple of you asked about the dock I had made back in late 2010 for Samsung Focus Windows Phone. I dug up some old pictures and putting it out here.

This was my first phone dock creation, and was the project where I came up with the cable grip idea that you see below. It stood the time test of easily 1000+ dock/undock operations. If you noticed on the Nokia Lumia 900 dock instructions, I improved upon this a bit so I expect Nokia one to be even stronger.

I didn’t use any glue or non-Lego components (minus the cable – which you can get by searching ECC1DU2BBE – most micro-USB plugs are similar, try with what you have before ordering extra). Some details below.


Key is the super-tight grip method often used in areas that require strength. This doesn’t let go the cable with the force needed to dock/undock the phone. The side that phone touches as it docks is merely holding the cable in vertically accurate alignment. Angle is enforced by the tight-grip arm. I increased the brightness on the rightmost picture to show some details there.

clip_image002clip_image003 clip_image004

Rear part (below/left) is brick-loaded only to increase weight more than anything else (note I left the speaker area open). Phone is nicely leaning its back on the edges of the brick tower. Lower portion is to snake the cable around to help with stability of Micro-USB connector during the pull operation. Pushing the brightness again to show detail.


It took about 30 mins to build. Time consuming part was adjusting angles and finding the correct parts. Hate the green foundation but didn’t have black part for it.

Docking/undocking can be done one-handed. Left tight-grip structure is the strongest area, hold that with your thumb and push in from right to dock. Un-dock the phone using your right hand; push the phone out to right using your right thumb on the phone, and rest of your hand holding the dock.

That’s it!

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