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  1. Having the same Issue at the moment – funny thing is, that all my hotspares (4 disks) in a dedicated enclosure went to stale metadata. However this now has the problem, that i cannot rebuild any virtual disk, since none of them is really degraded – it’s just the hotspares who “left the pool”. Beside that, I’m just seeing thedisk error you mentioned for one disk – Do you know a reliable way to identify which disk relates to “Disk 8 (PDO name:\Device000010c” – does it just map to “physicalDisk-8” in the Server Manager?

    • First I want to mention that I match disk serial# from device manager properties to the physical disk label (for this reason I hand-write the serial# on the side during installation). In terms of reliably mapping disks – usually when you get disk info in powershell (full), you see some of the unique IDs match. That 000010c seems like it would appear somewhere in disk info extract. Have you looked into that? (Sorry responding a bit blindly, don’t have access to a server right now)

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