Synology DS1515+ / DS1815+ Series: Part 2 – NAS Replacement and Data Migration Test

As part of the Synology review series, I wanted to cover the NAS unit replacement scenario. This is part 2 of Synology Review series:

Part 1 – Initial Setup and Basics (click here to read)

  • Background
  • Initial setup and basics.
  1. Unboxing
  2. RAID10 and SHR2 experiments with varying disk sizes
  3. Speed of change operations
  4. Simulated outages.
  5. Throughput observations

Part 2 – NAS Replacement and Data Migration Test (this post)

Part 3 – High Availability with another Synology Unit (stay tuned)

With that, let me get to the NAS replacement and Data Migration Test scenario:

So here’s what happened:

  1. I’ve got DS1515+ with 5 x 1TB disks, installed & configured.
  2. I took out all the disks from this unit. Idea being that DS1515+ is dead and now I need to get back to my data.
  3. I received a brand-new diskless DS1815+ unit.
  4. In a random order, I inserted all 5 disks into the DS1815+.

At this point, DS1815+ firmware levels are probably older than what DS1515+ was.

When I powered it on, few seconds later it made a single beep and then when I accessed http://diskstation:5000 address, presented me with this screen:

From there I clicked on Migrate button. Next screen gives an option:

Here I chose Migration.

Finally, the Install Now button. I clicked on it. I also started a timer.

Status progression:

  • 40% in 5 seconds.
  • 50% in 2 minutes
  • 60% in 4 minutes
  • 98% in 5 minutes

From there a 10 minute restart timer is displayed and disks become really active.

In another minute or so, disk station beeps.

At this point I decided not to wait, and I simply entered http://t:5000 (if you recall from previous posts, “t” was the name I gave to the installation on DS1515+). Sure enough it brought up the following familiar dialog – this is great:

From there I was able to logon using the admin credentials I had assigned and everything looked normal. Seems like migration operation was successful.

I would like to send my kudos to Synology for this experience. It’s good to know, that despite having a hardware marriage for the DSM installation, they made it quite easy to migrate everything without any loss of settings or data.

Thanks for reading – please leave a comment if your data migration experience was as smooth as my test here.

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  1. Thanks for doing these tests and sharing your experiences/knowledge – great stuff. I have a DS1815+ on the way – looking forward to using it.

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