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Building Home Automation Control Panel using

I wanted to share notes on my recent weekend project, utilizing panels to create a home automation control panel that controls/displays:
– Current weather
– Weather forecast
– SmartThings device status
– Alarm controls

Basically I’m installing various old iPad / Android tablets with various in-wall charging enclosures around the house, to allow us to interact with automated systems as well as with alarm system as needed.

Here’s a placeholder to cover tablets/frames/powering/in-wall installation. Stay tuned for details here.

Next I’d like to state that weather tiles could be quite tricky to get right, with large fonts. Here are the ones I used for reference purposes:
1. For current weather, SmartThings offer a virtual device. This article under ActionTiles knowledge base covers the details:

2. For 4-7 day forecast options, I used to generate a static image URL, then embedded that into ActionTiles as a media.

3. I also used built-in clock tile.

Here’s the result of these 3 tiles together:

I used a color palette that is least distracting; because on the same display I have color-changing alarm system related tiles that needs to be quite visible when states change (i.e. motion detected tile turns red from black).

I’m still working on setting up additional tiles/panels, will update this post as things develop.

If you want to start tinkering with something similar, head out to

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