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Choosing Bikes for the Kids

We have been living in San Francisco Bay Area for 13+ years and have been benefiting from the vast network of bike lanes that connect everywhere we need to go. As a family of 4, we each have our bikes and use them to commute to school, work […]

Lego Dock for Samsung Focus

Couple of you asked about the dock I had made back in late 2010 for Samsung Focus Windows Phone. I dug up some old pictures and putting it out here. This was my first phone dock creation, and was the project where I came up with the cable […]

Lego dock for Nokia Lumia 900

April 13, 2012 Update: Thanks to Ron Buckton, parts list is now available in Lego Digital Designer LXF format here. Note that Ron made it all-black but I randomized colors of bricks in the LXF for you as all-black rendition was a bit hard to see the necessary […]

Rafting at the Middlefork River

It’s been some 3 years since we went to rafting last time. The window in a year that we can do it is really slim, only two weekends in June. After late June rivers dry up; before June it’s too cold and wetsuits are required. Biggest challenge for […]