Lego Dock for Samsung Focus

Couple of you asked about the dock I had made back in late 2010 for Samsung Focus Windows Phone. I dug up some old pictures and putting it out here. This was my first phone dock creation, and was the project where I came up with the cable […]

Lego dock for Nokia Lumia 900

April 13, 2012 Update: Thanks to Ron Buckton, parts list is now available in Lego Digital Designer LXF format here. Note that Ron made it all-black but I randomized colors of bricks in the LXF for you as all-black rendition was a bit hard to see the necessary […]

Convert to electric or not?

So now that our solar panels are operational, and that we seem to have quite a bit of excess energy production, I’m considering electric baseboard heaters. Qmark makes one with oil much like those mobile heaters. I’m still doing feasibility analysis, qmark’s models range between 200 and 300 […]