Convert to electric or not?

So now that our solar panels are operational, and that we seem to have quite a bit of excess energy production, I’m considering electric baseboard heaters. Qmark makes one with oil much like those mobile heaters. I’m still doing feasibility analysis, qmark’s models range between 200 and 300 […]

Rafting at the Middlefork River

It’s been some 3 years since we went to rafting last time. The window in a year that we can do it is really slim, only two weekends in June. After late June rivers dry up; before June it’s too cold and wetsuits are required. Biggest challenge for […]

Solar Panels arrived and installed :)

After careful review of various proposals, we decided to work with They offered the lowest price and quickest installation. Here’s the timeline of events. Day 1: Signed the contract Day 3: MCSolar got the permit from Sunnyvale, CA Day 5: Panels and other equipment arrived. Installation started. […]

Photovoltaic system installation

I’ve been planning for the addition of a photovoltaic array to our house and been doing some research on this. I got couple of quotes; plus minus few percent, following is what some of the local companies near 94086 proposed:   3kW system $19k out of pocket after […]

News on the go

I came across this Pocket PC and Smartphone application called NewsBreak. It’s the best RSS news reader I’ve seen. It does one thing and does it very cleanly.   It brings you the news or other content from your favorite RSS source. It’s not free application, but worth […]


I’ve been thinking about installing a computer in the car and finally took on the challenge. Project is some 70% complete. Planned to have following features:   – Sync media library at home to car when in garage over Wi-Fi (done) – 7" touch screen interface at the console […]